Acknowledgements and Disclaimer


Some of the photographs contained within this web site have been provided by residents who were interviewed originally for our Laceby Directory, therefore our thanks go to those residents.

Many thanks too go to a former Councillor – Mrs Lia Nici-Townend who was the original editor of our Laceby Directory and also provided for that publication some of the photographs which have been included within this web site.

Other Photographs were purchased by the Parish Council for use within the Laceby Directory and web site and can be attributed to the GSMG.  The photographs are the copyright of GSMG and can be purchased by logging onto

Out thanks too go to E R C Photography for supplying photographs for the Gallery and some of the photographs within the body of the web site itself.


Whilst we have endeavoured to ensure that all information provided on this web site is accurate at the time of publication we are always pleased to receive comments regarding its contents or omissions.