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Cemetery Fees


Effective from 4th February 2014

                                                                               Parishioners      Non Parishioners

                                                                                          £                                  £


Purchase of Burial Plot                                                 150.00                         850.00

Purchase of Ashes Plot                                                 80.00                          450.00

(Not Exclusive Rights of Burial)


Interment Fee – Full Burials                                         250.00                         850.00

Interment Fee – Ashes Burials                                      65.00                          350.00

Interment of Ashes into Existing Grave –

Subject to Grave Ownership being proved                       65.00                          350.00

(These fees do not include the gravedigger’s fees)

Memorial Application Fee                                             45.00                            60.00

Additional Inscription Fee                                             30.00                            40.00

Researching Fee for Burial Records held by the Clerk are charged at £20.00/hour; with a minimum charge of £10.00.

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