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Cemetery Regulations


The following Regulations have been adopted by the Laceby Parish Council, in order to allow the Groundsman to keep the Cemetery tidy and presentable.

  1. A kerb may surround a single grave measuring 8ft x 4ft and may NOT exceed these measurements. An application to Laceby Parish Council would be required for their approval. A double width kerb may surround two graves set side by side; subject to approval by Laceby Parish Council.
  2. Headstone height restrictions exist, and Stonemasons should be aware of these; please contact the Clerk for further details.
  3. No flowers or shrubs are to be planted on the grave. The Parish Council may permit early spring flowering bulbs subject to approval.
  4. No glass vases of any kind are to be used at any time. Such receptacles create a danger to anyone working in the Cemetery.
  5. A maximum of 2 metal type vases for flowers are allowed per grave (this includes vases built into the headstone).
  6. Any person / persons not prepared to adhere to Rules 2 to 5 detailed above will be held responsible for the maintenance of their relative’s grave.
Updated by Laceby Parish Council  Р5th July 2016