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Haagensen Memorial

Debbie Weatherill

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Peter Hendrick Haagensen was born in Moss, Norway in 1837 and came to Grimsby to become Consul for Sweden and Norway in 1867.

His Chambers were at the Royal Dock until 1896 and he was a ships’ broker as well as a coal and timber merchant with businesses in Grimsby and Hull.  He lived with his family in a stately house he had built in Bargate.


Regrettably, his wife Janna died in 1897 and Peter Haagensen had constructed within the Laceby Cemetery the above memorial complete with marble tomb as a tribute to his wife.

Peter and Janna Haagensen had four children; Henry, Clara, Frederick and Macia.  The four children clinging to the skirt of the woman on the pedestal of the memorial are thought to represent these children.

whole hargensen memorial

Debbie Weatherill

On the 12th May 1912 Peter Hendrick Haagensen was laid to rest within this memorial – 22 years after it had been built for his wife’s burial.

The memorial dominates the Laceby Cemetery and is set at its highest point against a backdrop of yew trees.  The memorial stands within a walled area surrounded by grass and to the front are steps down into the tomb itself, these steps are in turn covered by a heavy iron roof protecting the structure below.  The steps and internal facings of the inside of the memorial are carved from white Carrara marble.  The tombs of Peter Hendrick Haargenson and that of his wife Janna are sealed within.

The Laceby Parish Council as part of their ongoing maintenance of the Cemetery do hold open days for viewing inside the memorial.

inside hargenson memorial

Lia Nici Townend


Councillor Marshall viewing part of the inside of the Haargensen Memorial at one of the open day events.




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