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Laceby War Memorial

Laceby War Memorial

The War Memorial is situated within the Laceby Cemetery close to the entrance.

Debbie Weatherill

The War Memorial is dedicated to the residents who gave their lives during the Great War and the Second Wold War.  The Memorial is maintained by the Laceby Parish Council and was cleaned a few years ago with new name plaques replacing the old illegible weather-worn brass plaques.

war memorial with dave

Councillor Marshall looking at the War Memorial just after the Armistice Day Parade and the laying of the poppy wreaths.

The following are a collection of photographs of the plaques that detail the names of those who gave their lives during the wars.

war memorial wording


As an additional commemoration of those who gave their lives – the Laceby Parish Council requested that the new housing development at Laceby Park have the roads running through the estate named after those who are remembered on the War Memorial.

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