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Welcome to the Laceby Parish Council’s web site we hope the information supplied within this site is both useful and informative.

Laceby is a wonderful village with a great deal of community spirit and with a variety of shops and other amenities that are all well used.

Those of us who live in the village may often take it for granted, but as the area grows the Laceby Parish Council try to ensure that the ‘village’ identity is retained.

The Laceby Parish Council is responsible for the St. Francis Grove Play Area, the maintenance of the Churchyard and walling, the public clock in the Church Tower, the Laceby Cemetery, a nature area, and the allotments at the Butt Lane Site.  (More detailed information is set out below.)


The Laceby Parish Council exists as the third tier of Local Government within the Parish of Laceby.

It comprises up to a maximum of ten Councillors, who are elected every four years through an election process, usually conducted by the Borough Council.  If there are insufficient prospective candidates in an election year, those who are and remain validly nominated are declared elected.

If then, a quorum exists the Parish Council may fill any vacancies by co option onto the Parish Council – a co opted member remains on the Council until the next election takes place.

Casual Vacancies

A casual vacancy on the Parish Council occurs when:-

  1. a local Councillor fails to make his declaration of acceptance of office within the proper time;or
  2. when his notice of resignation is received; or
  3. on the day of his death; or
  4. in the case of a disqualification under the Audit Commission Act or the Local Government Act 2000; or by virtue of a conviction on the day when either the time for appeal or application for relief expires, or such appeal or application is dismissed or abandoned; or
  5. in the case of an election being declared void; or
  6. where a person ceases to be qualified, or becomes disqualified for any reason other than conviction or order, or is persistently absent from meetings.

When a casual vacancy occurs due to one of the above reasons the Parish Council will inform the Borough Council and after the Borough Council has advertised to ensured that there will be no election to fill the vacancy, the Parish Council are then able to co opt a candidate onto the Parish Council providing that candidate meets the legal criteria to serve as a Parish Councillor.

For a list of current Parish Councillors please click here


The Laceby Parish Council owns and maintains the local Cemetery, and the St. Francis Grove Play area.  It is also responsible for the new allotment site, a nature area and the churchyard which it maintains with the help of the staff mentioned below.

The Laceby Parish Council from its annual precept must pay the salaries of their three employees namely the Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer; the Groundsman and the Litter Picker.  It should be noted that all staff members are employed on a part time basis.

Their Clerk is responsible for the administration of the day to day running of the Parish  Council, their web site, minute taking/typing/agendas etc and all Financial Responsibilities including invoices, payments budgeting etc to name but a few.

Their Groundsman is responsible for the upkeep/grounds maintenance of the Cemetery, the grass cutting and grounds maintenance around the St. Francis Grove Play Area and keeping the paths within the Allotments tidy.

The Litter Picker works for the Laceby Parish Council keeping the village square area tidy and alternating routes around the village to ensure litter is removed as much as is possible throughout his contractual hours.


The Laceby Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month throughout the year, and if planning applications are received mid month, the Parish Council will also meet on the third Tuesday in any given month to discuss planning applications received.  All meetings are detailed on the Parish Council’s agendas page.

Agendas for the next meetings of the Parish Council may be viewed in the Parish Council’s noticeboard situated in The Square in Laceby village.

Minutes of Meetings

Decisions of the Laceby Parish Council are minuted at meetings and signed as correct by the Chairman or nominated Vice Chairman at the next full Council meeting the following month.  Minutes of previous meetings may be viewed at the Laceby Library or by clicking the link here


The Parish Precept is the money by which the Parish Council runs their services and Council activities throughout the year; it is a peremptory order to a billing authority (namely North East Lincolnshire Council) to pay to the Parish Council a named sum.  This is payable in accordance with a schedule of installments which the authority draws up by the 31 January for the financial year beginning the following 1 April.

The Laceby Parish Council conducts a Budget/Precept meeting in December of each year to set the precept required from North East Lincolnshire Council and spending costs for the next financial year.

A copy of the Budget/Precept set by the Laceby Parish Council may be obtained from the Clerk to the Laceby Parish Council.

Payments of invoices and salaries are made by cheque each month, and all cheques must be signed by two Councillors plus a third signatory which may be either the Clerk or another Councillor.  All signatories are authorized by the Laceby Parish Council and all payments must be agreed at a full Council meeting.

Annually the Laceby Parish Council must employ a verifier/auditor who will inspect the Parish Council’s accounts before making a declaration to the Audit Commission as to their accuracy.  Each year the Laceby Parish Council must also produce a Statement of Accounts and an Annual Governance Statement in respect of the accounting procedures in place – these are then sent to the Audit Commission for verification and a statement from them is then issued.

The Annual Statement of Accounts from the Audit Commission is then placed on the Laceby Parish Council’s notice board in the village centre and a copy is available on application to the Clerk to the Council free of charge.


The Laceby Parish Council provide allotments in Butt Lane Laceby and a Cemetery off Cemetery Road Laceby.  The St. Francis Grove Play Area is owned and maintained by them too.

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