Laceby Allotments – Butt Lane Laceby

In early 2008 the Laceby Parish Council received enough interest from residents wishing to apply for allotments that they took this matter on board and started looking for a site for the new allotments.

In March 2008 land was rented by the Laceby Parish Council from a local farmer for use as allotment gardens, and with a grant from the Ward Councillors via the Wold Fund operated by them through North East Lincolnshire Council; the Laceby Parish Council put in a hardstanding for vehicles, a gate and land drainage to provide the allotments required.


Water via Anglian Water was then connected to the site and it was ready for use from 1st April 2008.  The newly acquired allotment site was then divided into large and small allotment garden plots and tenants from the Parish Council’s waiting list were accepted.


The charge for an allotment whether it was small or large was a £1.00 per week i.e. £52.00 per year payable annually or quarterly.  To date this fee has not changed over the last 5 years.



The Laceby Parish Council now have several Allotments AVAILABLE – if you reside in North East Lincolnshire and would like an allotment at our Butt Lane Site please contact the Clerk to the Council